Our Associates utilize a simple 7 Step Recruiting Process to ensure each client receives the professional recruiting/staffing services their growing business demands. This basic framework can be modified to meet your hiring needs.

Step 1 - Position Assessment: 

We take the time to learn about your organization and the position you want to fill to ensure a successful placement. We find it imperative to become familiar with our client’s methods of operation, organizational structure and culture. We’ll discuss expectations and establish a timeline for the search.

Step 2 – Research: 

We initiate a study designed to identify all individuals in targeted organizations that have the qualifications required for the position. In addition, we contact individuals who are known to our firm and other industry leaders to identify exceptional performers who may meet our search requirements.

Step 3 - Search: 

The RowAllen Group believes in both traditional recruiting practices, as well as, utilizing technology to broader our reach. We make hundreds of calls into our vast network of knowledgeable people in the target area of specialization and simultaneously conduct a thorough search using databases, social networking internet sites, professional networking internet sites and other similar resources.

Step 4 - Screening & Qualifying:

The prospective candidate list is contacted and interviewed to determine their interest and level of qualification for the position. From the results of this initial screening, we submit only the most qualified and interested candidates for an in-depth interview with the appropriate hiring authority.

Step 5 - Client Interviews: 

The hiring authority and other key employees meet with each candidate to determine the level of qualification and fit with the organization. After all interviews we debrief both the company and the candidate, and provide immediate feedback and advice.

Step 6 - Reference Checking: 

After the initial interview, and once mutual interest is established, we conduct a thorough reference check, which includes accomplishments and job history. If preferred we can conduct reference checks earlier in the process. At times our clients prefer to conduct referencing themselves. Of course, we’re happy to oblige.

Step 7 - Conclusion: 

Once all final candidates have been interviewed and the top candidate has been identified, we assist in negotiating the compensation package and gaining agreement from all parties.